Wondrous Womb Wisdom: The Significant Role Of The Spiritual Doula

Wondrous Womb Wisdom of The Spiritual Doula is an ancient healing modality and it is now an intricate part of the spiritual healing needed in the millennium era.  Modern day men and even women whom did not descend from a spiritually healing heritage may not even be aware of their family history due to secrecy and separation from spiritual healing modalities.  Everyone worldwide needs to read more on this topic so they can come into the fold of developing more compassion and respect for this ancient wisdom that continues to help thousands today.   Becoming energetically connected to the mind power that underlies Womb Wisdom is being passionately loving towards self if you are a woman and it holds the key to your spiritual healing from various traumas.  If you are a man then extend passionate love to your life partner when it comes to her activating womb wisdom.  Men can also utilize this modality to activate their mother's womb wisdom for spiritual healing if they are out of touch w

Women Collective Mindfulness Lessons

As we honor women in the month of March, it is not just about the women who have degree letters after their names, made their mark in history books, have monetary wealth, have societal status and privilege, and have political power. That is all good for the individual and for their contribution to society, but we cannot forget the Collective Of Women.   It is also about the Woman CEO who wakes up everyday and works at home to care for her family 24/7. It is also about the woman who does double duty of caring for her family and going to a job that is not her dream job because she did not have the opportunity, nor access to education or monetary resources to allow her to move forward. Since opportunity was not available she lacked the necessary skills not because of ability, but because of lack of access to that opportunity. These women are the ones we need to look towards and praise for their stamina to survive. We whom have benefited from access have been given an opportunity not for s

Balancing Your Ying And Yang Energies For Love-Heart Well Being

As we get closer to Valentine's Day, February 14th, many look forward to sharing love with a partner and others whom do not have a passionate love in their life have much apprehension to that day. What I focus on in my energy wellness consulting services with men and women is to develop a mindset that moves one's consciousness to a higher level where you are joyful whether you have a LoveMate/SoulMate or not. My "Wisdom Intelligence Teachings" (WIT) which is the foundation of my Ancestral Intelligence (AI) teaches you that you and yourself are your first mate and you need to learn how to tap into that Divine Spark of Love that the Creator placed in you for joyful living. It is absolutely necessary to love yourself first, and be joyful whether you have passionate love in your life or not. Once your essence vibrates that energy, then you will attract a LoveMate/SoulMate who resonnates to that same frequency. This Love Bond is key later on in your life when you are marri
BEDROOM HEALING: The Sacred Sanctuary For Well Being. During these COVID Times we have discovered much about ourselves and it has led us all to implement changes in our lives so we can live a positive and healthy life.   One area of our home that has taken on new meaning is our bedroom. Our bedroom is no longer the place we just plop into bed after a long day at work, sleep and rise again to go do the same thing all over again. Working from home has caused us to reassess the function of our bedroom. Our bedrooms have taken on new meaning to become a “Sanctuary Retreat” away from the rest of the family or disconnect from the digital world of televisions, cell phones, iPads, etc to hone in on some “Me Time” for pure comfort and tranquility prior to going to sleep.  We all know the importance of sleep and if we get too little or too much it can alter our bodily functions. Finding the right balance for our bodies is key to optimum health. Scientific research agrees that a consistent down t

Be The Joy, Feel The Love

BE THE JOY, FEEL THE LOVE is the way to go as we usher in this phenomenal Winter Solstice on December 21, 2020.  Many times most of us are looking for love in all the wrong places. Love abounds within our own energetic hearts and you simply have to activate it up to the surface heart if you feel it is dormant deep within the core of your energetic heart.   Let me take you on a journey of Love Activation through Sound Healing by activating words to formulate thoughts and to ultimately manifest love with full action benefits. “I SEE LOVE, I SMELL LOVE, I HEAR LOVE, I TASTE LOVE, I FEEL LOVED”. It is that simple with a smile on your face that is genuine, verbal repetition, perceptive reality of love, and actualizing full manifestation of love within yourself first.   Once you find love within yourself and understand that it surrounds you, then your aura begins to beam love outward casting a net in a full 360 degree spectrum. Instantly you start sharing that love with others making others

WHEN YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO PUSH YOUR BUTTONS: A Failed Lesson In Boundary Establishment

Be Aware, Be Weary of some individuals whom pretend to reach out to you for answers or guidance even during a crisis, when in fact that is simply an excuse to get to you so they can disrupt your joy and peace that they see you carry.  It is not that you are acting cold and/or harsh, it is for your immunity protection.  The more depleted your energy becomes by being upset, is the more vulnerable your body becomes susceptible to dis-ease. Despite all that is shifting right now in the world you would think that individuals whom are unhappy with their lives would reevaluate their circumstances to move in a new direction.  Absolutely not.  That is simply wishful thinking on the part of society whom resonnate on a compassionate frequency.  These anger-jealousy-rage-selfish mode individuals are still wallowing in what I call "Rut Haven". You can even begin to believe that these type individuals might actually feel good or even get a personal high when they see that they have gotte

DREAMS OF THE I AM, THAT I AM, SO I AM: Penetrating Veils with Light, and Deciphering The True Voice With Clarity

The saying every failure is a blessing, what is for you can’t miss you, and releasing the energy of others that is upon you are all intricate workings of the Universe for your highest and best purpose. In essence, developing your Self-Mastery was always at play and you ought to be cognizant of never giving anyone control over your existence. Only you should harness that power over you, with the exception of The Creator who has already set everything in motion for your destiny.   The veils and voices along your journey’s path are simply mirrors of reflection for you to observe, to clear them and walk through them with no fear, never once absorbing the emotions of the veils and voices that surrounds you for it does not belong to you.  The veils and voices are lessons to self-mastery. As humans we want to appease, we want to make peace, we seek tranquility, and in a gesture of “Logical Kindness” we inadvertently put ourselves second place. Once realizing that action we must imme