Sacredness Of Your Ori: A Cultural, Personal and Spiritual Perspective

In my African Ancestry your head is referred to as your Ori which is a Yoruba word from West Africa.  In the middle of your Ori is what my East Indian ancestors call your Crown Chakra.  The Celts of Scotland according to archaeologist Anne Ross in her writings state that "the Celts venerated the head as a symbol of divinity and the powers of the otherworld, and regarded it as the most important bodily member, the very seat of the soul”. (1)  All three of my cultures above plus my Indigenous Carib, referred historically as Kalinago, holds great reverence to your head. 
This area of the human body has great spiritual significance in all four of my cultural composition.  Your Ori is your "spiritual intuition and destiny which is the reflective spark of your human consciousness embedded into your human essence". (2) My African and Hindu heritages in particular believes covering this area is key, especially when you are praying.  Over time some people in my heritages have …

Do Not Discount Dreams

Do not discount your dreams, but do not allow it to control you life either.  God gave us a brain to reason, while utilizing our spiritual gifts in conjunction with logic to make sensible and practical decisions.  We are still human, not angelic beings whom have a protocol to follow.

These are the common questions we as humans still wrestle with daily about dreams and the dream state:

1. What exactly happens when we dream?
2. Are we just rehashing the events of our day as scientists believe?
3. Are we doing what is believed by some and is called Astral Travel?
4. Does our soul really leave your body after falling asleep, and if so where does it go and how do you measure that fact scientifically?
5. Does your spirit travel to far away lands?
6. Do you see, hear, smell and feel the places at your feet?
7. Do you remember the names of people and places when you arise in the morning, where you are prompted to research if such a place does exist?

If you do dream, it does feel like a beauti…

FINGERPRINTS: The Code To The Soul

Fingerprints is The Essence of Being Whom You Are and Being Different to another human being. No two persons have the same fingerprints. Thus, no two persons are alike because we are all as different as the fingerprints on all ten fingers. This is the one aspect of being human that varies.  It is all in the plan for you to be whom you are, develop into what you desire and only two persons whole the code to your essence, you and your creator. Not even skin color separates us because skin color only identifies the level of melanin in your DNA, or the lack thereof.  The Divine Creator purposely gave us different fingerprints because that is our intentifying marker. Our fingerprints is the code to our soul. Embrace your difference, and be comfortable within your own skin.  Stop trying to be like another, you never will be.  You are not void of anything.  You are in the correct flesh encasement for this lifetime.  We each have a different path to walk, because we each have different life l…

AURIC CLEANSING: Release and Let Go

First an foremost what is an aura? in its second noted definition states that aura is "a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place or thing".  Since scientists agree that everything in the world emanates some type of vibrational frequency, most people will agree that an auric field is an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person or thing. There are many articles on the web you can read concerning the levels of auras and its relationship to the energetic chakra points in the human body. However, my focus in this blog is on a specific modality for a specific purpose which is an idea that came to me during a meditation years ago. I followed my intuition and completed the ritual to my satisfaction. After speaking with others I realized that this is not such a new idea after all. 

An Auric Bath is an energetic ritual that is still utilized in modern times as a Mind Body Spiritual Wellness modality that you perform alone to ass…

Chanting A Soul Consciousness Activation

Chanting a repetitious recitation of a specific word or sacred text to a particular melody or tone that has been used in spiritual practices for centuries. Ancestral cultural heritages and Spiritual systems around the world whom utilizes chanting in their ceremonies believe that the tonal sound of chanting assists in activating the pineal gland of the brain to reach a higher state of consciousness known as Spiritual Soul Consciousness Activation.

In spiritual communities it is seen as a sound healing modality to go deep into meditation to calm the mind.  Early Christians in particular Mary, known to us today as Mother Mary was a stalwart practitioner of chanting.  Her family's Judaic Practices utilized chanting in prayers daily.  Mary carried this practice over to her son's teachings, now known as Christianity.  This practice was not scoffed at by Early Christians because it was a customary ritual in Aramaic speaking households, the language of Jesus Christ.   
Chanting promot…

Consciousness Evolution

Consciousness Evolution is the awakened enlightenment currently underway in mainstream society as a non-secular movement. Individuals seeking tranquility to release societal negatives that has been unearthed; Having a network of individuals of like minds to understand You Are Not Alone; Reigniting spirituality bonds to awaken one’s soul to accept there is a higher Universal Force at work in one's life; and to begin living a mindful life with gratitude and embrace the benefits of nature.

Agents of Consciousness Evolution (ACE), a termed coined by Barbara Marx Hubbard, began their outward work of awakening the larger society to The Planetary Shift in consciousness that finally began to take hold in the larger society on 12-12-2012. Barbara Marx Hubbard whom was the ACE Master Teacher from Santa Barbara, California would be proud today to see the transformation that is taking place in the larger society.  Connect, Communicate, and Coexist with others was the Portal Shift if you were …